Mobility Physical Therapy, Inc. was established in 2001 and has been operating out of a clinic in Lake Forest California since 2002.  In 2013 we have expanded and added an additional clinic in Tustin.

Over the past several years we have grown into a well-known clinic which has become favored by many of the physicians in Orange County.  Our clinic conducts rehabilitation on all orthopedic injuries (acute and chronic), post-operative conditions and all spinal related conditions.  We have adopted the use of osteopathic manual techniques to facilitate the rehabilitation of all injuries. These techniques are used frequently in the cervical spine, thoracic and lumbar spine dysfunctions.  Our hands-on style and business model allow us to focus on each client’s individual needs and dedicate an abundance of one-on-one time to each client.  We have found that most people want to get better as soon as possible.  By spending more time with each client, our therapists are able to easily identify the main problem (and all the compensatory problems), helping our clients heal faster than the typical physical therapy clinic as well as reduce the risk of future injuries.

In conjunction with manual therapy, each client receives a custom exercise and stretching program to educate them on the proper methods of maintaining good health into the future. We understand that the ultimate goal is to return to and maintain a good quality of life as fast as possible. By gearing our client’s toward a self-instructed, home-based program; each patient will leave with an understanding of how to prevent future injuries and will have the tools necessary to continue to make gains following their rehabilitation.

Our clinic continues to receive an extraordinary satisfaction rating from our clients and we are sure you won’t be disappointed, especially if you have been to other physical therapy clinics.  Our fun and friendly staff along with our high standards of education and care make us the clinic for all of your needs.  Our success rate is well above the average, which allows us to believe that if you have a condition that can be healed with physical therapy; we are the clinic that will do it.